Posted by John Turner on April 9, 2007 
Superb ! John
Posted by on April 9, 2007 
Let me be the first one to say the obvious: Good job catching the pig train! Kudos also to the two pigs who departed the train in the general direction of the photographer. Seriously, fantastic image! -- Joe H.
Posted by Richard Stevens on April 9, 2007 
Great shot - China at its best!
Posted by chris davis on April 9, 2007 
Great picture. Oink Oink!! Chris.
Posted by GeorgeO on April 9, 2007 
I see that Bob wasn't the only photographer taking pictures. You can see a man with a camera (just above the man in the brown jacket) either taking a picture of the pigs or of Bob.
Posted by Bob Avery on April 9, 2007 
The other gent with a camera is a japanese tourist/railfan - one of a group riding this train. Bob
Posted by Matt Heeren on April 10, 2007 
Congrats on your top shot of the day:) Glad to share it with the pigs:)
Posted by Anthony K Small on April 10, 2007 
LOL! "Golden pig service"! My photo of the week.
Posted by Michael F. Allen on April 10, 2007 
Every once in awhile, there is a photo that just makes me smile! This is one of them! Great catch Bob! What's the floor of the passenger/pig car like?
Posted by Nikko P on April 10, 2007 
I like it! Nice photo! I guess this is their version of first class :P
Posted by Trainmasterrob on April 10, 2007 
Gone hog wild on that train. Love it!
Posted by CN yan on April 21, 2007 
Good job,the pig train is not easy found in China,only maybe seen in this place
Posted by Bob Avery on April 28, 2007 
Thanks for all your comments, including those about 'hoggers', 'pig trains' etc etc! Pigs are carried regularly on this line, always in this car which has a penned-off area inside for them. Smells a bit 'animal' in there ! The people with the orange caps are car attendants - one per car. Their duties include applying handbrake where necessary (no through braking on this line), collecting fares, and ensuring doors are closed. In this shot, the attendant walking towards the camera with his pouuch is coming to check the pigs' tickets! See also
Posted by Chicago Railfan on December 30, 2007 
Wow, stunning!
Posted by Xiao from China on June 2, 2009 
I was born in this place 21 years ago, then my parents took me away from there to other province due the reason of their job. For many years, this narrow gauge railway was the only path for the local villagers ,mine workers and of course, the coals to link with outside world. My grandfather was an engineer assigned by central government to work in that coal mine for some particularly historic and ridiculous reasons in 1950s (The reasons is hard for you westerners to understand); I still remember when I went back there to visit him in the summer vocation of my primary school, he took me walk along this narrow railway with griping my hand...told me how did this mine was established and told me to work hard for bright future.... Actually, the infrastructure has been improved a lot during recent years, I think you guys can never imagine how did the place showing in this photo look like 20 years ago... Bob, your pics do get my eyes filled with tears...
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