Posted by Steven M. Welch on July 12, 2012 
What a sensational image, Dave. PCA hands down.
Posted by Vernon McCarthy on July 12, 2012 
Well I've allways heard "you take the high road and I'll take the low road".
Posted by Janusz Mrozek on July 12, 2012 
Interesting scene, nicely done.
Posted by James Belmont on July 12, 2012 
It appears that 'Cow Creek' is an apt name, indeed.
Posted by M. S. Repp on July 12, 2012 
Very nice indeed and great job incorporating the once competing Spokane Portland & Seattle Railway into the scene. Another reason the SP&S line was abandoned in favor of the parallel Northern Pacific line is there was very little online business on the SP&S line between Cheney and Pasco.
Posted by Mike Danneman on July 12, 2012 
Very nice, David! You made a good choice on a photo location for this train.
Posted by Waxyice on July 12, 2012 
I am not sure how I would feel about trying to bicycle across that bridge.
Posted by Kevin Klettke on July 12, 2012 
Great shot! Won't be long and that little bit of green amongst the sagebrush will be gone in this recent heat.
Posted by Blair Kooistra on July 12, 2012 
Great choice for a photo location you could've gone, this one is particularly nice! Love the shadow from the bridge as well.
Posted by Jake McGarvie on July 12, 2012 
Well worth the wait Dave. PCA from me!
Posted by T Towler on July 12, 2012 
Great shot...Bruce Kelly has an outstanding article in June 1987 Trains magazine detailing the SP&S High Line and its eventual demise.
Posted by miningcamper on July 13, 2012 
Very impressive! If I had known about the imminent demise of the SP&S line, I would have made an effort to visit this under-photographed area.
Posted by Steve Carter on July 13, 2012 
Very nice Dave! Well composed, great effort and as usual good comments.
Posted by Steve Schmollinger on July 13, 2012 
I hope BNSF brings the ex-SP&S snake river line back into service for good period. Alex Schmollinger
Posted by Mitch Goldman on July 18, 2012 
That line should be restored for exclusive use by SP&S #700! Or any steam, free from the difficulties of working on an active freight main line. Nice shot from a rarely shared location and a welcomed history of the line, thanks Dave!
Posted by on November 9, 2012 
How did you get here? I suppose that you had a long hike. There ain't any dirt roads around.
Posted by David Honan on November 9, 2012 
There are two ways to get to the Ankeny (Cow Creek) bridge overlook: 1) What I did: Hike 4.65 miles up the SP&S right-of-way from the access point at the Gray Road grade crossing immediately north of Hooper (round trip = 9.3 miles). The surface is subgrade rock and I was generally able to maintain approximately 3mph pace on the way in when I wasn't stopping to take photos. It took me a little less than two hours to hike in, but much longer to hike out because I began suffering from dehydration/heat exhaustion issues. There is fairly good cell phone coverage most of the way, except in cuts and the tunnel, so you can call for help if you get in trouble. 2) What others have done: Hike about a mile overland through cattle grazing pastures from Benge-Washtucna Road just south of the spot on the map called Ankeny. I chose not to do that because of unpredictable terrain and the possibility of running into bulls in the fields -- they are aggressive, won't hesitate to charge, and can run faster than a person. Also, it may be trespassing.
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