Posted by pierre fournier on May 7, 2015 
More and beautiful..
Posted by Bob Truett on May 7, 2015 
Having been a 911 Operator I would like to say thank you to Norfolk Southern for this recognition for by brothers and sisters out there! It is a great honor to have this sort of recognition.
Posted by John Mauro on May 7, 2015 
Thank You NS from a former career Firefighter & Chief and former Class 1 RR conductor! Great picture!
Posted by Driver8666 on May 7, 2015 
The past meets the modern. That SD60E is massive over that small fire engine. The past meets the present.
Posted by Adam on May 7, 2015 
Beautiful locomotive, but I'm a little confused about the green. Seems like they had some left over paint from the Go Rail unit and said what the heck we gotta get rid of this some how. Just seems out of place to me.
Posted by Carl Massart on May 7, 2015 
What is the significance of the muddy brown color on the radiator fans and horn and other roof covers? To my eye it is not an appealing color.
Posted by Steve Larson on May 7, 2015 
Norfolk Southern keeps coming up with ways to salute different & important members of our society. Casey Thomason took a great photo. I agree with the design in all except one are, the railings on the sides need to be painted to appear like ladders on a fire engine. Other than that, pure perfection.
Posted by Kevin The Krazy 1 on May 8, 2015 
I still dont know what to think about the SD60E appearance, but NS really has a class act going on here!
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