Posted by Rich Brown on August 28, 2016 
Dennis, ANOTHER great image. You are undoubtedly the MASTER of urban existing light photography. Keep on impressing us all, and showing the city in a whole different light. THANKS for sharing these.
Posted by on August 29, 2016 
Excellent work, Dennis! That's a background to die for!
Posted by Tom on August 29, 2016 
Another great photo and also great write-up, Dennis. My PCA
Posted by Scott Cunningham on August 29, 2016 
Thanks Dennis. Fabulous image again!
Posted by ├ôscar on August 29, 2016 
I will not say you can't top yourself because you have proved me wrong again, excellent work and PCA, Dennis.
Posted by Mitch Goldman on August 30, 2016 
Amazing vistas from NYC almost as frequent as the trains themselves! Congrats on yet another gem!
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