Posted by Hartland Smith on August 15, 2017 
That's a really neat photo of the old coach. I've always been interested in rail cars and old interurbans that ended up as chicken coops, etc. A fellow I knew in Vassar, MI bought a Saginaw Birney car and put it in the back yard for his kids to play in. My allergist bought a caboose for his children to enjoy. My late wife's sister and husband once owned a cabin near the E&LS. I've always been curious about that line but have never encountered it. In 1929 I stayed overnight in an Escanaba tourist home. Here in Birmingham, MI the Grand Trunk's section foreman lived in a small house close to the right of way. After the railroad was moved to another part of town, that residence was torn down and I was surprised to discover that it was actually built out of two wooden box cars!
Posted by Verch on August 16, 2017 
I do believe that is Charlie Browns' Christmas Tree in the foreground.
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