Posted by brett173 on July 12, 2018 
Why do they remove the horns?
Posted by Miles Thompson on July 12, 2018 
Funny how other railways are scrambling for power at the moment, but CSX is cutting their power back in large numbers. Different visions and different traffic I suppose
Posted by David Deal on July 13, 2018 
Probably so they won't get stolen. Have you looked at what a 5 chime Leslie is going on eBay for these days ? I just read in the latest Trains magazine that CSX was hauling the same tonnage as a year ago with 1000 less locomotives. That's a lot of idle engines. It may have been a misprint and they may have meant to say 100.
Posted by FSWood on July 13, 2018 
Brett, it wouldn't be surprising if removing the horns, among other probable reasons for removing horns such as theft and why buy new horns when you have these from the unused locomotives, marks the locomotives as unusable and not in service and thereby changes their taxable status.
Posted by Christian Stoll on July 13, 2018 
It won't be long now until even more modern power will be retired. CSX won't last selling off engines like this.
Posted by Steve Larson on July 17, 2018 
could make for a difficult puzzle.
Posted by FSWood on July 17, 2018 
Steve, great idea! My parents love puzzles, will send this page to them and ask about that.
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