Posted by on January 15, 2019 
Very nice picture
Posted by Bill Marvel on January 15, 2019 
Looks like an Albert Bierstadt painting.
Posted by Preacher on January 16, 2019 
I've followed this website for years now, and in my humble opinion, this is hands down the most beautiful photograph I've ever seen on this website...That looks like a place I'd want to live. Nominated for a People's Choice Award. Great job.
Posted by Jeff Sell on January 16, 2019 
Fascinating scenery along with equally fascinating lighting! Well done!
Posted by Nick McLean on January 16, 2019 
If only there was a photo of the year award!
Posted by getteriv on January 22, 2019 
Posted by on January 22, 2019 
Outstanding photo, PCA vote from me!
Posted by Adam on January 22, 2019 
...and a talented musician as well. You have an Eye as well as an Ear, Anthony.
Posted by Steve Larson on January 26, 2019 
Similar to my mothers Swiss roots. Her town has no rail, so it won't be in here. This is strikingly close to her town. PCA for the beauty that is Switzerland.
Posted by Stefanos Vardaris on July 23, 2019 
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