Posted by Ralph Back on June 3, 2020 
BNSF SD45-2Bs 6522-6523 GN SD45-2 6484 are ex-ATSF Bicentennial SD45-2s 5703-5701-5704. All three units reported as going to Progress Rail in Memphis for scrapping.
Posted by Deval Dragon on June 3, 2020 
It's absolutely amazing those SD45-2Bs served there entire career without ever having been repainted. They didn't even make it in to the Bluebonnet scheme!
Posted by Nigel Curtis on June 3, 2020 
That is the blue bonnet scheme. As they are B units, there was no need to paint the yellow as per a cabbed loco, they would never lead. Painted the same way as F series B units.
Posted by Greg Custer on June 3, 2020 
Actually, there was one sd45 in full yellowbonnet. But subsequent sd45 and sd45-2 units were painted with yellow ends. Presume because it just didnt look right since it could never be a lead unit.
Posted by NorthTexasRailfan on January 31, 2022 
Greg- May I have a road number for that locomotive please?
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