Posted by Bullet69 on June 4, 2020 
Look at the money that they're saving though by eliminating the engineer and giving the controls to the switchman.
Posted by Don Baldwin on June 4, 2020 
4 guys working and 11 guys watching. Wonder how many dollars that cost in wasted time, not including the cost of the cranes and lost time. Good photograph !
Posted by Ry Alford on June 5, 2020 
What is the "metal work" to the left of 1999?
Posted by Don Baldwin on June 5, 2020 
Ry, I wondered about that myself. Does anyone know what that black tripod looking frame is ?
Posted by Don Baldwin on June 5, 2020 
I looked at the second photo of the derailment, and the black frame may be the safety handrail that was around the tank car's dome area. I think the tank car rolled over , lost the handrail , and ended up on it's side on the left track.
Posted by D. Collin Reinhart on June 5, 2020 
The black metal structure around the locomotive is the bottom railing from the first tankcar.
Posted by Nigel Curtis on June 5, 2020 
The question is, will they repair the two SD40s or will they go for scrap?
Posted by Tom on June 5, 2020 
Well, at least everyone is wearing their personal protection equipment !
Posted by AZ Mike on June 5, 2020 
People watching? You have multiple departments of people watching such as Management, Track, Roundhouse and the clean up contractors. All specialized jobs. Will be a complex investigation for sure. Remote operators, active/inactive zones, CP crews, etc. Maybe even track or equipment failure.
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