Posted by Jim Sinclair on July 20, 2020 
Beautiful capture, Matt! I really like this location and the "feel" to your photo! Thank you for sharing!
Posted by Don Baldwin on July 20, 2020 
Am I mistaken, but does it look like the left side of the cab misses the rocks by 12 inches or less? I hope that track roadbed is stable. Good photo, I like it. Thanks.
Posted by Ringo Clark - on July 20, 2020 
Reach out the conductor's window and grab some rock
Posted by xBNSFer on July 21, 2020 
My guess is they don't run a lot of "high and wide" loads on that route!
Posted by Ringo Clark - on July 22, 2020 
I'm also thinking there might be a speed restriction going thru here, wouldn't want even the least sway!
Posted by Matt Jones on July 22, 2020 
Thanks guys! Yeah this is one of four extremely tight cuts on the South slope of Cumberland Mountain. All the high and wides get routed through Birmingham via the SN&A due to the cuts and the tunnel at the top of the mountain. Unfortunately this mountain causes CSX alot of problems and they've routed many trains around it recently.
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