Posted by A J Erlichman on December 12, 2021 
Will 8099 be the first heritage domino to fall and be repaired and painted black? Knowing NS, they will sell it...
Posted by FSWood on December 13, 2021 
You know that wasn't on the train crew's to do list. Am glad the news coverage was able to report the crew was extricated pretty much unharmed. That trailing unit ain't exactly unharmed, though. And that Southern paint is so pretty. I wonder how much stress a rollover puts on the bolts holding engine block and alternator to the frame.
Posted by NorthTexasRailfan on December 13, 2021 
Welp, there goes another heritage.
Posted by xBNSFer on December 13, 2021 
Amazing the strength of the IBCs (International Box Connectors). Even with the containers dumped out of the well cars in a derailment, the "boxes" are still held together!
Posted by Paul Heymann on December 13, 2021 
It does not appear that there are any rock slide detectors in the vicinity of the signal bridge mast. Slide detectors would probably have triggered a stop indication......
Posted by Richard J on December 13, 2021 
Anyone have a number on that trailing unit?
Posted by NorthTexasRailfan on December 15, 2021 
Richard- The trailing unit was ES44AC 8175.
Posted by Richard J on December 28, 2021 
Thank You
Posted by NorthTexasRailfan on December 29, 2021 
My pleasure.
Posted by NorthTexasRailfan on August 13, 2022 
Also, this was actually a day after the December 10th - December 11th Severe Weather outbreak, so Pittsburgh might've been hit by it, I do not know, Kentucky was the hardest hit of it
Posted by LetsGoRailfanning on September 13, 2022 
8099 arrived at Altoona last night.
Posted by WRRSfan4271 on November 24, 2022 
8175 was DEFINITELY a total loss
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