Posted by on December 20, 2021 
This would be a much nicer shot if those 2 railfans weren't right in the middle. I really like the lighting and weather features of the shot, sets a nice mood.
Posted by CraigMWiester on December 20, 2021 
Perhaps the groundskeepers should stop watching trains and start keeping the grounds.
Posted by Preacher on December 20, 2021 
Your assessment of the mood of the photo is spot on. This is an incredible shot. PCA vote for me!
Posted by Doug Lilly on December 21, 2021 
Having been living about a dozen miles from this location for the past year and a half, I have made quite a number of trips to this location to get a routine train in less common weather/lighting, and have not yet hit the target. This is the best photo that I've seen at Carpenters. I do echo some of the others that "groundskeepers" in a weed-grown cemetary is an ill-advised prop supplied by the trip organizers..
Posted by Kevin Madore on December 22, 2021 
I am a little surprised at some of the negative comments regarding the presence of the two men in this image. It is, in fact, quite common for small, legacy cemeteries, which have not been used for decades, or even centuries, to receive only periodic, spruce-up maintenance. There is such a place a scant half mile from my home. Given the local notoriety of the location pictured here, it is also a bit surprising that it does not receive more frequent attention. Personally, I think the human presence in this scene adds to its visual impact and I am thankful for the two individuals who attended this event in costume, and agreed to participate in the making of this photo.
Posted by Jane Betts on December 27, 2021 
First, this is a wonderful photo of Carpenter's! The lighting and balance of the objects is obviously done professionally. Second, to take the two observers out of the photo de-humanizes it and gives it a different perspective. Both with and without it's still a great shot. There just happens to be two right ways to shoot it.
Posted by NorthTexasRailfan on December 30, 2021 
This is one of many photos from that era that makes me wonder "Why do I find mixed models and liveries generally ugly from the mid-90s onward and generally appealing before then?"
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