Posted by Dale Roth on October 31, 2022 
According to my calculations this train is over a mile long at 6,184 feet. This is something a modeler would do. I wonder did they use all their train sets to make this work.
Posted by Alex Eve on October 31, 2022 
Reminds me of a model railroad.
Posted by Paul Heymann on November 1, 2022 
How did the concentration of 25 powered units not overwhelm the catenary and electric substations?
Posted by Tomas Votava on November 1, 2022 
It was downhill, but slowly due not so excessive recuperation of units.
Posted by Scott Markloff on November 2, 2022 
PCA vote from me. Thanks for sharing!
Posted by mmi16 on November 4, 2022 
How many passengers were actually on the train?
Posted by Tomas Votava on November 6, 2022 
Only until 150 invited guests in front unit. (Safety, organisation etc.)
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