Posted by Dana M. on March 10, 2024 
If those are apartments/condos living being built, if I had the money and had to move, I'd be interested in one of those units that are right next to (practically on) the tracks. I'd love it, especially watching the TVRM Dinner trains, and steam excursions...the freight traffic wouldn't be so bad either. Maybe I'll look up the information on how much a unit costs to either rent or buy outright! Thanks for the photo Michael. As for the tenants that do move in - knowing full well the railroad is there - and then complain and turn into one of those NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) people, they would have no legal right to complain. Unfortunately, it WILL happen, and I hope they don't get so loud and demanding that City Council/City Hall listens to their "whining and crying" then turn around and tell the TVRM to stop excursions on this line. I can probably guarantee that there will be problems arising from this "mess". But, I wouldn't be someone who would complain, I'd LOVE it!
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