Posted by Peter Huerzeler on April 4, 2024 
IMHO they go to Mongolia:
Posted by J Moller on April 4, 2024 
See photo 846950. Mongolia for coal service.
Posted by showalterbj on April 4, 2024 
This cab nose is better looking than the American version, IMHO.
Posted by Nigel Curtis on April 4, 2024 
See they are bound for Mongolia.
Posted by Jessica Wray on April 4, 2024 
Headed for Mongolia, ore export trains to China running on Russian broad gauge.
Posted by Triplex on April 4, 2024 
The first customer I could find for these was the Tavan-Tolgoi railway in Mongolia, and the barely-visible logo on the hood looks like it could be theirs.
Posted by Jorge Nicolo on April 5, 2024 
Someone explain to me where the 16 cylinders are under that hood??.
Posted by HoBoCharlie on April 9, 2024 
Help! A few months ago (early 2024) I was at a waiting at a crossing in Windsor VA when a Norfolk Southern heading towards Norfolk had several Egyptian Railroad locomotives tied down on heavy duty flatcars like the above pic. Has anyone caught and posted this sighting??
Posted by Andrew on April 19, 2024 
For a new engine you would have thought you would have got a set of wheels!
Posted by showalterbj on May 16, 2024 
Andrew, I'm given to understand that railroads will recycle their trucks & wheels from retired units. Maybe that's what is going on in this case. So the trucks & wheels are waiting for this loco's arrival.
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