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By: coco13cos
Album Views: 2,865,568
Over 50.000 of RP's most appreciated and beautiful photos.
Would you believe it?

By: RP Archives
Album Views: 2,695,860
Now featuring 2800 unbelievable to merely surprising - or even funny - pictures
Creative Railroad Photography

By: RP Archives
Album Views: 1,219,838
A far cry from the common wedgie ... and particularly well executed.
Unseen Aspects

By: ckeefer58
Album Views: 1,188,266
Pictures of things often unseen in the world of railroading. Interesting equipment, operations, and people that help the railroad go around.
Paint Schemes

By: Nathan Richters
Album Views: 924,934
Not just heritage schemes, not just commemorative schemes - this album is devoted to some of the world's most interesting paint schemes, past or present.

By: Nathan Richters
Album Views: 840,973
Looking for rare, obscure, or otherwise exotic locomotives? Look here!

By: RP Archives
Album Views: 793,567
Quality and Exceptional Railway Photographs

By: Cameron Applegath
Album Views: 726,978
Interestingly composed shots that grab the viewers eye right from the thumbnail.
Freight cars

By: RP Archives
Album Views: 579,704
A much needed album given that there is no "category" to identify these pictures
Classic Railroading

By: Chessiefan2
Album Views: 481,547
Railroading in the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, basically anything but the 2000s.
Motor Cars and Things on the Rails

By: partneylr777
Album Views: 438,935
Transportation for rail workers, unique machines on the rails! Some very good, some humorous!
Nocturnal Nuances & Lights In The Night! (Between Sunset - Sunrise / Sundown - Sunup!)

By: Dana M.
Album Views: 423,246
A continuously growing album of photos that IMHO reveal the awesome and seldom-seen beauty of the railroad world from the dimming of day to dawn's early light! From dusk to dawn, trains roll on! (I'm still finding gems of sunset-to-sunrise surprises!)
The Way it Used to Be

By: ckeefer58
Album Views: 349,193
Things change. Railroads are no different. A collection of images showing the railroads as they used to be.
Trains on water

By: Pierre H.
Album Views: 334,656
Girls, Girls, Girls, Ladies, Wives & Trains

By: Balázs, Gábor
Album Views: 328,987
Beauties in our life.
Cab Units

By: Nathan Richters
Album Views: 326,289
The best that the Streamlined Era had to offer, brought together in one handy album. Includes EMD, Alco, Baldwin, F-M, and GE - plus a few surprises.
Prototype for everything . . .

By: mattkdettman
Album Views: 321,308
Do you ever get the feeling as a model railroader, that you just might be creating something not "prototypical?" Same here.

By: Nathan Richters
Album Views: 275,471
Gears; machinery; steam mixed with modern technology; and more.
Works of Art

By: John Doughty
Album Views: 267,811
Photographs that are "works of art".
Steam in Europe

By: J Neu, Berlin
Album Views: 267,773
Just steam - more than 2200 pictures
America's Finest Railroads

By: partneylr777
Album Views: 253,740
An attempt to put the best picture of engines that represent each of America's railroads. When a better picture of an engine/type is found, it will be added.
Railway Signals

By: Michael William Sullivan
Album Views: 253,020
Semaphores, lamps, signs, hand signals. Anything that sends a visible message to train crews.

By: RP Archives
Album Views: 250,007
Ships of all kinds, with trains ... or the other way round!
Mountain Railroading in the Rockies

By: hemiadda2d
Album Views: 249,494
The drama, power, majestic mountains, steel rails and iron will of lugging tonnage over the Rockies...
Steel Rails under Thundering Skies

By: John Doughty
Album Views: 235,802
For the train and storm chaser. Trains with thunderstorms, dark clouds, rain, lightning, hurricanes - tropical storms, funnel clouds, storm light, rainbows, and snow storms.

By: Meaux23
Album Views: 228,192
Some of the better bridge shots out there.
UGLIEST trains contest

By: RP Archives
Album Views: 226,712
The worst of railroad design. Please, send me your entries / suggestions for the "Album of the ugly trains of the world" (past or present, paint scheme or shape).
Wooden trestles

By: RP Archives
Album Views: 224,991
Bridges entirely made of wood, typical classic American trestles
Trains Vs the Weather

By: Bob Pickering (BP)
Album Views: 217,733
Trains in all sorts of bad weather
Favorite Railroad Pictures

By: Terry Schull
Album Views: 212,900
My personal favorite shots from the photographers on this site
Once upon a time...

By: mattkdettman
Album Views: 211,594
North American Trains

By: Pete Boor
Album Views: 210,556
Abandoned & Forgotten

By: Daniel Hopkins
Album Views: 208,408
A display of the forgotten past left to rot, rust, and dissolve away in nature.

By: Daniel Minaca
Album Views: 206,249
RPN exhaustive pictures (over 4400) with turntables, roundhouses & transfer tables.

By: Nathan Richters
Album Views: 201,668
An album-full of the unique descendants of the cab unit. Interested in cab units too? Click here.
Urban landscapes of North America

By: RP Archives
Album Views: 198,872
Downtown Americana

By: Edward Hickson
Album Views: 198,812
Gone for good

By: Matt Maloy
Album Views: 195,492
These are engines that are either already scrapped, are in deadlines, or they're in severe danger of being scrapped. Not everything can be preserved.
Above The Rails

By: John Russell
Album Views: 194,203
Aerial and high vantage point train photography.
ALCo World

By: Rolf Stumpf
Album Views: 187,051
A world-spanning collection of diesel locomotives from ALCo, MLW and Bombardier.
From Dusk to Dawn

By: Renaud Chodkowski
Album Views: 183,312
Night, sunset, sunrise are the magic moments of the day and a real challenge to take in picture. Get ready for a collection of amazing pictures!
Over and under

By: RP Archives
Album Views: 183,288

By: ollie
Album Views: 182,846
Eye-Catching, attention grabbers

By: mattkdettman
Album Views: 182,108
Anything that grabs one's attention and holds it. These photos tell more than a story based on the sum of its parts, but create other stories.
Glint Steam

By: Fabrice Lanoue
Album Views: 163,246

By: RP Archives
Album Views: 162,539
EUROAsiatic FAVs

By: mishu88
Album Views: 161,826
Trains on Mars

By: RP Archives
Album Views: 161,239
Bumblebees, Yellowjackets & (Murder?) Hornets! A ''Hive'' Of Equipment Wearing Yellow/Black!

By: Dana M.
Album Views: 160,169
From a hint of "Bee" (NKP 765), colorful "Bees" (KCS), "Bees" w/ "attitude", to "Bees" that "sting" your eyes, in their own way they have "Bee" on display! Equipment that "Buzzes" with Yellow & Black colors! ("Bees" can still "Bee" entering this "hive"!)
Rarities but goodies

By: mattkdettman
Album Views: 157,418

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